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Hale,Bibb, Perry, Shelby,Talladega and Clay Counties In Brent, a church sustained damage to its facade: Gradient wind damage at Pine View Baptist Church. Bob looked up at me with an uh-oh expression, for lack of a better word. I will never forget that day. We probably would not have survived. The tornado touched downnortheast ofDemopolis and traveled northeastward. My family (Johnsons) lived in Six Mile at the time, and I was 11 when this storm happened. pic.twitter.com/YyTHNV3VJw. So he continued down the road, dodging the trees and lines. The Brent Tornado went on to kill 5 people in Brent and continued to Mt. Brent tornado flipped our trailer in Wilsonville. My brothers girlfriend at the time , Jane Bamburg lost their home and whole neighborhood in Brent including a small church . Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Lots of power polls snapped at the tops & lines down. Tornadoes that swept through Alabama Thursday are blamed for at least five deaths and multiple injuries with destruction in multiple counties in the state. Regional Weather Roundup Tornado Database The familiar white dome that covered the antenna simply vanished. 72 people were injured and one person was killed in Greensboro. On the 24th, an F4 developed in Oklahoma, killing 2. Me and my family were driving back to Tuscaloosa from Opelika on that Sunday afternoon. Click herefor website devoted to the damage in Brent (Bibb County) from this storm. Even from 8000 you could see the amount of destruction that had taken place and knew immediately it was not good and that it would be a long road to recovery for both the town itself and the people it effected. The National Weather Service has spent the past few days tracing the path of Alabamas deadliest tornado since 2019. Aviation Weather, Climate and Past Weather In fact, there were three just last year. NWS Birmingham, Alabama465 Weathervane RoadCalera, AL 35040205-664-3010Comments? Dale gave Bob and me a lot of grief about how his truck had come through unscathed. That wonderful man called my uncle and he showed up later to pick us up to take us back home. Another tornado on Feb. 2, a deadly EF-2, had a 25.87-mile path through Greene and Hale counties. There was nothing left of Brent.Out house was no more. Flood/River Flood Warnings, Productos en Espaol No one slept that night. A single tornado may account for multiple reports along its path. Severe Weather Videos It was a day not easily forgotten. The weather service said numerous homes were damaged -- some significantly -- on River Run Road and the adjacent side streets. Current Hazards Your help would be deeply appreciated1 Thank you. I was 10 years old at the time. Powered byWPtouch Mobile Suite for WordPress. An outbreak of severe weather, including several destructive tornadoes, swept across the South Thursday, killing at least five people in Alabama and one in Georgia. I was 12 years old at that time. A pickup truck was thrown 120 yards to the northeast, and a shallow crater was formed where it landed. Some were not as lucky. New Day. I remember this storm. James Remembers the Brent Tornado. Aviation Weather, Climate and Past Weather We came through just before it got there and the next day we went to see the devastation. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Special Weather Statements Im sure Dale felt the same thing. Severe Weather Preparedness National Outlooks I ran into my grandparents bedroom. In total, five fatalities occurred along Sandy Ridge Road at three separate homes, the weather service said. The storms that killed at least six peoplecontinued passing through the region early Friday morning, bringing an EF-4 tornado to northwestern Newnan, Ga. that left the city looking like a "war zone.". Tornado rips through north Birmingham, Alabama area | CNN TORNADO EMERGENCY for Bibb County Until 5:45 pm - The Alabama Weather Blog Possible tornado leaves Texas communities in rubble, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA), knocked out power for more than 2,000 people. All NOAA. Tornado Information for Brent, Alabama. Just downstream, several manufactured homes in a cluster were shredded and thrown considerable distances, the weather service said. As many as eight tornadoes may have. A long-tracked tornado moved through Shelby. I have always wondered who he was. The tornado continued northeastward into Tallapoosa County, where EF-1-caliber damage was observed. Killed one person in Wilsonville. Her sister, Sylvia, made the trip with me. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings NOAA Weather Radio Alabama 'supercell' that produced tornado captured in - Fox News He had been in Centreville only two weeks prior to the Brent Tornado. We were able to get out of the rain and get ourselves together. Linhares added that using that definition, 95 of 2,505 tornadoes, or 3.8 percent, qualify as long-track tornadoes. All rights reserved (About Us). Winter Products Description We lived In west blocton at the time and we were driving through centerville on our way home from my grandparents house in SC. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. He was a contributing photographer for the Montgomery Advertiser Sunday Magazine for a while. Im saddened that AL has once again been devastated. The Brent Tornado was and remains the longest track tornado in Alabama recorded history. My granddad died in 1979. pic.twitter.com/efdr6wVo9S. Microbursts Office History, Education What a story! On Sunday night, May 27, 1973, I saw serious tornado damage for the first time in my life, and it changed my life. This week's severe weather in the Mid-South was visible from outer space . The devastation was horrible. 2023 Advance Local Media LLC. One of the most vivid memories I have is when he reached a point in the road where the asphalt had been literally lifted off the ground and was gone. All were looking in awe, disbelief and a sunken heart. We moved back home I found out that school year a girl I went to school with year before that she was killed in the storm. About Radar. That was certainly the same parent storm that produced what is likely to be more than one tornado along its trek across our area, weather service meteorologist Gerald Satterwhite said Friday via email. That room had glass almost from floor to ceiling and faced north. Late Wednesday night, a student dorm at the University of Montevallo sustained damage from a tornado: This is a window blown out in one of the living rooms at the New Residents Hall at the University of Montevallo photo from Jennifer Howard pic.twitter.com/O8Ewx2Czpc, Minor damage from Tornado at Brooke Hall. Hwy 5 Brent photo from Kirk Smith pic.twitter.com/cwe1HJdK0Q. Cheaha. The storm that spawned that tornado had an even longer track. And I never want to go though that again. But all of his windows were still intact. I was told in the same place of horrible destruction, there was eggs in a carton that was untouched. Flood Products Description It did hold together. As many as eight tornadoes might have hit Alabama on Thursday as a result of a "super cell" that later moved into Georgia, said John De Block, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. Tornado outbreak sequence of March 24-28, 2021 - Wikipedia (LogOut/ Video shows damaged buildings in Bertram, Texas from a possible tornado. I always looked forward to school being out so I could spend time fishing around Mulberry Creek. In 1973 I was a cub reporter for the Montgomery Advertiser. It was hot and I was sweating but completed the message. Get a daily look at whats developing in science and technology throughout the world. Conciencia y Preparacin, Weather Safety Up Close and Personal with the Brent Tornado - May 27, 1973 This email from Chris Golden of Tuscaloosa, used here with his permission. The tornado was a mile wide at that point and we had no idea we were driving right into it. My dad was the pastor of Centreville Baptist Church. Weve been hit and other info was phoned in to Oxmoor. You could feel the car trying to turn over but it stayed upright. It went on to cause damage in Greensboro, Brent, Centreville, Montevallo, Calera, Columbiana, Wilsonville, Childersburg, Alpine, and points between. The power did go out and people lit candles. Please avoid the area of Wilhite and Milligan road, as a power pole has broken, units are on-scene with Morgan County Sheriff's Office awaiting Joe Wheeler EMCPicture from Ebenezer Fire and Rescue pic.twitter.com/WHOdVP5Hwt, Gradient wind damage at Centre photo from Alan Amos pic.twitter.com/I4uPVJsq5Z. The only thing I remember left standing with the steeple of a church. There was one lady who had her legs cut off by flying tin. His photo on the front page of the Centreville Press that week showing Brent Baptist Church, sign, and clock won the Best News Photo from the Alabama Press Association for 1973. Local Climate Data Partial roadway blockage on U.S. 82 near the 85 mile marker. Bob was preaching. Cookie Settings/Do Not Sell My Personal Information. When they put her in the hospital they had her listed under the wrong name. Regional Highs/Lows/Rainfall, Forecasts At 60 years old now, Im still trying to comprehend what I saw that morning. I remember looking out the back window at the huge black cloud looming in the background. I felt that something bad was about to happen and the deacons suggested we go to the basement for the service. It was the Alabama Highway Department, calling my grandfather to tell him to go survey the damage from a tornado that had hit Brent/Centreville. Its still amazing to think about what went on that day. Thinking back, Ive wondered if he would have taken me with him if he had known what we would see. More EF-3 damage occurred along County Road 18, where the weather service said vehicles were moved or flipped, numerous trees were snapped, one site-built home was destroyed and others heavily damaged. The SPC issued a HIGH Risk for a tornado outbreak with strong long track tornadoes.This is footage from the Brent, AL long track tornado. Outreach Materials Drought Monitor All photos and writing by John Brasher unless otherwise noted. Witnesses say they saw a large, wedge tornado sweep through the area destroying some homes, but thankfully sparing lives. The wind blew hard all day. Questions? ALABAMA TORNADO Brent, AL (Mile Wide EF3) March 25, 2021 HIGH RISK About our contributor Local Storm Reports I had no idea what it was. This was a single tornado, putting it at #7 for the longest single tornado track in the state of Alabama. Heres a look at tornado reports from Thursday from the National Weather Service. I wish so badly that I could find some pictures from the damage in Calera on this day. It happened to be the area directly above Brent-Centreville. Deadly Alabama tornado 'supercell' spotted in satellite imagery Brent, Alabama - Wikipedia The radar site and Brent, about 8 miles to the northeast, were in the crosshairs. We didnt know what to do. Contact Us Services were being held here when the tornado struck. I remember he and I were standing outside then it seemed like the oxygen was sucked out of the air . Tornado Warnings Bobs family was safe after having taken refuge in an interior closet. Severe Weather Outbreak Spawned Damaging Tornadoes in Alabama, Georgia The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. Bob and I had fairly new vehicles and several windows in each car were blown out. It was a Sunday afternoon, the wind was very high. A string of those tornado reports likely came from one storm, one long-lived supercell storm. Public Information Statement These are accounts of those two killer storms on the evening of May 27, 1973. NWS I stumbled across this site, looking for the N.D. Cass Co. of Alabama. It is something you dont forget. Picture from The Birmingham Post-Herald 216 buildings were destroyed, 570 buildings were damaged, 97 mobile homes were destroyed, and 45 businesses were damaged or destroyed. While at Clemson, Brent Venables admits 'I was hoping to play Alabama The radar dish had been blown from its tower and lay on the ground no more than 20 feet from the office Dale and I had jumped into. I think it was Highway 25 that we took once leaving the lake. I remember him showing up sometime the next morning to take a break. Long-Track Tornadoes of March 25, 2021 - National Weather Service The timber was twisted off, mattresses and bath tubs were in the top of trees. Based on the damage scene and contextual evidence, it is plausible that winds were stronger, the weather service said. I will always have those scenes embedded in my mind and thinking how very close we were camping in tents. Dale had driven his old fishing truck to work. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. In Bibb County, one person was injured in Ashby as a manufactured home was overturned, according to the weather service. He was preaching a revival in Montgomery for the former pastor of the Brent Baptist church. Also in Jefferson County, a pine tree was split in half by high winds and crashed into a metal gate: Damage from pine tree split by high winds. However, the longest tornado track on record in Alabama happened on May 27, 1973. It was not until I was in my twenties that I got over the fear of even a tornado watch being issued. The Brent Tornado 1973 | a time to remember Now i live in Charlotte N.C. That there are situations where the only thing that would spare my life is a prayer. Rivers and Lakes I was wrapping up my junior year at Tuscaloosa High School, and on that Sunday night we received a call for . Several days later, Centreville Press published Jim Oakley and I followed the path of the storm in a plane from Brent to Columbiana. I was told that all the pressure in cans like hair spray and deodorant was sucked out by the pressure in the tornado. By the 26th, two more F4s were accounted for in Oklahoma and Arkansas. I was then awakened somewhere around 4:30-5:00 by their phone ringing. all that was left was the block foundation . 6 on the list. Another tornado, an EF-3, had a 29.24-mile path through Perry, Bibb and Shelby counties and injured two people. This is my biggest memory because it looked like someone had just picked it up and sat it down. Regional Weather Roundup My family and I went around the town to help our neighbors. Public Information Statement Strongwinds that ripped through the Empire State knocked out power for more than 2,000 people in Western New York and dangerous conditions are expected to continue in the East and the South through the weekend. Centreville Tornado May 27 1973 - National Weather Service Outreach Activities Tornado Rips Through Birmingham, Ala., Area Leaving At Least 1 - NPR The National Weather Service (NWS)forecasts the threat of an isolated tornado as far up as New Jersey, though another potent storm system will move across the South and Southeast this weekend, according to a report. Tornado damage in Old Kingston and Marbury,AL. The Centreville Press published a picture of a car sitting on top of a gas station. The weather service said that radar showed a debris ball in southern Coosa County which matched ground observation of a wide area of snapped pine trees on either side of McKissick Road between the communities of Speed and Equality. Severe Safety Rules Hi,I witnessed the destruction in Brent first hand.I was a student at the University of Alabama at the time and the next I and a couple of friends drove to Brent.It was unbelievable That monster was so powerful that all of the trees on both sides of the road were mowed for as far as the eye could see,even for years later.It was t Born in Bham, raised in Shelby community in SE Shelby County. We did not know where she was for almost two days. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Severe Weather Videos It wasnt hot or cold it was just right. Brent, AL Weather Forecast | AccuWeather near Mertz, or 13 miles southwest of Brent, moving east at 55 mph. Yet to be added to the list is the Jan. 12, 2023, Old Kingston-Lake Martin tornado, with an updated track length of 82.31 miles. My grandmother, Mrs. Evelyn Cummings, reassured me everything was okay and said to get back in bed. Severe Safety w/ ASL On May 27, 1973, a category 4 tornado tore through the City of Brent. A portion of the tornado did some damage at the bottom of the hill from the church. ***NOT FOR BROADCAST***Contact Brett Adair with Live Storms Media to license.brett@livestormsmedia.comAs severe storms began to rotate across western and cen. Change). Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 4/4/2023), Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your Privacy Choices and Rights (updated 1/26/2023). And Bob Coe was able to reach his wife at home in Brent to make sure his family took shelter. Long-track tornadoes are nothing new in Alabama. All rights reserved. The National Weather Service has reported several tornadoes in Alabama, including one that touched down near Birmingham and migrated more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) to the northeast, the. In addition to the obvious property damage, the tornado . Picture from The BirminghamNews On May 27, 1973, Brent was almost completely destroyed by an F4 tornado during an outbreak of violent weather in the Deep South, killing 5 people and injuring 56 in the area. Flood/River Flood Warnings, Productos en Espaol 5 people killed by Alabama tornadoes identified; others injured, left For example, from Thursday's storms, there are just over 30 tornado reports in Alabama. 1999 Bridge Creek, OK Tornado. The tornadolifted near Mount Cheaha. Regional Highs/Lows/Rainfall, Forecasts After the warning had gone out, the weather guys and I walked outside to the northwest corner of the building. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Current Conditions We heard on the scanner that a tornado was tracking toward our new house. pic.twitter.com/nspaZIEsrT. Brent is located in central Alabama in Bibb County. The weather service has a list of the longest tracks for tornadoes in Alabama. But, It was the 27th which proved to be the deadliest for Alabama. I was 12 when this happened, my dad looked out the back door and saw it go over our house, it was seriously scary first time that I can remember being that scared. In west Alabama, a tornado hit near Livingston, in Sumter County, where damage included snapped trees: At 8:53 PM CDT, 5 WSW Livingston [Sumter Co, AL] FIRE DEPT/RESCUE reports TORNADO. My wife stayed home in Montgomery that afternoon with a our new baby. Severe storms will be possible across the lowerMississippi and Tennessee Valleys and all hazards are possible including more tornadoes, damaging wind gusts, hail and flash flooding, the NOAA said. My sister and I both survived but had sustained many injuries. Non-Precipitation Warnings . Justice prevails. Brother Grady Chism announced at the benediction that the Bethel Church had been hit by a tornado. Seconds later, I felt what reminded me of fine grain sand hitting my face and arms. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We took off fairly early that morning as I recall and climbed to 8000 and received our assigned working area from the controller. As many as 10 tornadoes tore through both Alabama and Georgia starting Thursday. My family and I lived on the hill in Centreville at the time, about a half mile from where Bro. The air took on that certain feel that is indicative of possible trouble ahead. Local Climate Data Please try another search. The tornado rapidly strengthened as it approached the Old Kingston community and reached EF-3 intensity. Go Back AccuWeather's Tornado Week continues: How meteorologists are working to . As we were cleaning the yard, we found loose checks and newspapers from Brent. Homes crumbled, trees snapped and roads are impassable in areas of Bibb County including West Blocton and Brent. The largest church in the community, Brent Baptist, was destroyed by the tornado. That point was close at hand on the evening of May 27, 1973, in Brent, Alabama. Thank God she wouldnt go. The tornado never lifted from the ground as it followed highway 25 the entire way. Graphical Forecasts Recovery begins in Bibb County after tornado damage - WBRC It then crossed Interstate 65 and reached the Pine Level community, where several homes had roof damage and a manufactured home was rolled off its foundation and onto County Road 68 East. 03-25-2021 Brent, AL - Large Wedge Tornado Crossing US 82 - YouTube

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