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With her natural connection to sensuality, the Lover has a very special magnetism that quite literally can make people stop and stare. The Natural brings into their persona a sense of youthfulness in an adult body, drawing those that long for the times of no responsibilities, harmlessness, and naive spontaneity. Read More The Huntress Archetype Embrace the Wild Woman Within YouContinue. Learn to cultivate the lover archetype to amplify pleasure, passion, and 'presence'. We see lover archetype examples in other genres as well. For example, the positive lover archetype embraces the world with passion whereas the negative poles are the seductive (or promiscuous) lover and the frigid (or selfish) lover. "So it's not gonna be easy. Theyre the character that brings emotion and feeling to your stories. Ask a question or just get to know your fellow users. To tackle and grow maturely with a Coquette: Set the expectations. The Lover can play several roles in your story, and here youll see how they arent necessarily romantic roles. The dynamic of your personal type and the type you're attracted to will not be the exact same for another couple with the same pairing. When writing in Scrivener, you can use character sketches to record the traits of archetypes, along with other information about your characters, as you build them in your projects. Promoting closeness and instilling in their clients a sense of fulfillment and bliss. We imagine them too far out of our league, and that is what makes them so attractive. With its slogan "Sisterhood is forever", Dior had only one obsession: to help women regain their joy, grace, and beauty. You can create character sketches for archetypes you want to use, then change them to the names of your characters as your project develops. The Outlaw 9. Physically present, but almost legendary and mythic in essence. The Lover Archetype is very connected to her creativity bring out your artistic side by painting, singing, writing, The goal does not have to be to create something good, only to connect with your inner artist in a playful way. However, each has four sub-archetypes, so the Lover Archetype is like the representative of this family. Since humans are a social creature, our societies will always tend towards a general acceptance of values in order to keep everyone in place. Values: Pleasure. Though thats okay if they do. We're attracted to them at first because of this, but in the long-term, this gallant behaviour leads to fatigue. Level 1: The jester archetype is expressed by living purely for joy and entertainment. I absolutely hate using the words feminine and masculine because of the connotations behind each. When society needs us to be a strong rock, an emotionless stoic with many a responsibility, the Siren attracts us with their lure of opposing behaviour we desperately long for. You cannot experience the Lover by yourself, but you do not necessarily have to experience it with another person. In history, the lover archetype has been seen regaling in intimacy, pleasure, and sensuality; she is a hedonist, enjoying life and its many pleasures. Lastly, please check out my Brand Strategy Guide, where I explain how to use archetypes to develop a comprehensive brand strategy. The information found here, of course, references the latter. The Lover Archetype is about embracing relationships and evoking emotions. Keep open communication when it comes to the amount of energy you need, you give, and that you must recharge. Again, male, female, or neutral, we're attracted to Rakes when we've been too confined and comfortable - too restrained - too neutral and unenergized in our day-to-day lives. A confirmation email has been sent to you and should arrive shortly. The Lover is also one of the Five Masculine Archetype I used in the Masculine Archetype Deck. Anna Heimkreiter is an adventurer-artist who irrevocably lost her heart to solo travel. This is your faithful and passionate character who is all about emotional and physical intimacy. Lover brands inject passion into everyday life by celebrating the physical pleasures of being human. Thus, the Lover is deeply sensual. Read More Beyond Right or Wrong: Non-Duality ExplainedContinue. Consciously or subconsciously, they've come to understand what we desire, and insinuate that they are the solution to our desires -- all without being present. The Jester. Through the wisdom of Robert Greene, there are 9 types of people that spark our fancies. Connection with THIS archetype is what makes a woman naturally captivating and seductive. They attract you with hopeful words or sensual maneuvers and then step back and distance themselves from you. The two "star-crossed lovers" go against everyone and everything that stands in their way to fulfill their love. These are the best examples of brands that you can use if you want to use the Lover archetype in your brand strategy. They only use high-quality, hand-picked ingredients. This typically occurs when a man is in a stable relationship with a woman, and when they are intertwined in an honest, healthy . They draw out sympathy in us through their subconscious actions of needing protection. Keep open communication for your life plans. Their innocence and naivet can easily turn into irritation as you start to feel too much like a parent. And to continue the above example, as we continue to look for partners who care for "us to the best of their ability, shielding us from as many pains and struggles that life has to give", we may continually look for people who take over our lives. They value togetherness and collaboration. The Lover 10. All 4 are key indicators of a Natural and can seem endearing to be around. Elizabeth Taylor, Halle Berry, Brigitte Bardot, Mae West, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Samantha Jones from "Sex In The City, Gilda. The Lover craves the experience of intimacy, connection, and sensual pleasure and will go to any length to obtain it. This feminine archetype may also struggle to spend time on their own and try to drown their fear of abandonment and rejection in company. When we see their following on social media, we want a piece of that for ourselves, and that's what makes them so attractive to our plain lives. They can often end up sacrificing themselves for the object of their desire. And they have out-of-this-world type lives. The Lover, rather than focusing on the entire group, has a deep, intimate relationship with one person at a time. Who was taking care of you? Find "adult things" to do and enjoy together. The way we attract people can be defined through the following types. Any performing musician. In this article, Im going to show you 10 examples of using the Lover archetype in branding. Typewriter. Sometimes the lover archetype doesn't even know that they are looking for love. Open yourself to the vastness of the Collective unconscious as you unravel your full potential! The culture is geared toward promising beauty and increasing sexual appeal. This archetype is a transformative, provocative force in a woman's life. Learn to switch off the mind and connect with your senses instead simply being more present can completely transform our relationships and how we experience everyday life. The playful child who lures his friends into new adventures. Theyre comforting plot lines that readers relate and respond to because they understand what they mean.Characters can have tropes toooften referred to as archetypesand these are the kinds of characters youll see over and over again in your favorite pieces of fiction. She loves to flirt with life to her, it is all a great adventure and she fully believes in abundance. They have such a strong belief in themselves its hard to find flaws in their plans or their character. They like sharing their life events with friends and making moments special. Both of them love each other though it is Elinor who takes the lead and falls in love with Edward Ferrars, an unambitious young man. There are celebrities that are usually associated with the archetype. The Lover archetype in general provides a good identity for brands, which helps people feel special and important. Just know that from now on, do not envision a traditional-female figure when I say feminine/female, and do not envision a traditional-male figure when I say masculine/male. On this day, lovers exchange cards, or gifts, and celebrate their love, and their faith that that love will last. For the Lover to come to terms with her dark side, she needs to focus on building healthy self-worth, overcome the need for instant gratification and learn the value of commitment. These can be sexual or sensual, such as enjoying the smell of flowers, beautiful sunsets, and fine food. . The Lover archetype uses sensations and intimate moments as marketing building blocks. So here are the other four Lover Archetypes: Even though I won't go into detail about those sub-categories, at least you have some examples to help you figure it out for yourself. The Queen is the leader and the most important responsible for the safety and well being. This is a good example of where some might argue the Lover caved into his darker side when his interest in Bella becomes a wee bit obsessive. And by doing so, theyre leaving their consumers feeling special and connected to the brand. There are 7.4 billion definitions of love on this planet, and to really make the most of this life, you really just need to understand one. It's not a competition. Are you the Dandy? They give us a bit of Coquette-like distance and confusion in terms of romance, while at the same time bringing Ideal Lover behaviour. The difference between the Lover and other archetypes is that the top-level archetypes share more in common with other family members. Its a little dream of mine to create a workbook for each archetype, to accompany your journey of self-exploration. It takes us into dark, foreboding worlds, where oppression and bleak landscapes are the norm.Books like 1984 by George Orwell, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley have become classics that shine a light on political corruption, environmental disaster, and societal collapse.Why do we love these stories? When the initial thrill of a new relationship or project fades, she might be quick to search a new stimulus instead of staying persistent and working through the issues at hand. Understand that they are not superhumans and don't always have the right answers. They bring out the excited feminine in us. Other than these, they are good lovers. Jack and Rose from The Titanic would fall under this category, falling in love, and casting off the conventions of society despite their disparate backgrounds. Another very different example of a brand adopting the Lover archetype is Godiva, a Belgian chocolatier. P.S. Sofia Vergara George Clooney Sting Marilyn Monroe Bo Derek Megan Fox. Its like you have your own personality, and you may have a lot in common with your parents. - Contact Us - Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions, Definition and Examples of Literary Terms, 12 Archetypal Characters in Story Writing, 20 Major Types of Archetypes with Examples. Theyre patient and giving and respect your hero while still questioning their questionable decisions. And then think back to your past relationships and crushes. It is obvious that the Lover brand archetype is appreciated by people who are in love, who give gifts to their partners, and are full of passion. Lover brands do not want to be unloved or unwanted, and they do not want to lose their identity. When you are aligned with both of these energies, you feel good, and you attract without effort. A woman who identifies with the Lover has a deep desire to procreate . If your brand is the Lover, you help those who long for a close relationship with the person they adore. They probably won't say it outright or explicitly ask you for motherly/fatherly-ness, but it's their openness for affection and protection that draws us so close and dear. Click here to try a 14-day free trial of Dabble Premium, no credit card required, and build your bestseller today. Stay supportive of each other's goals and remember that no one can bring support in the same way that you do for them. And that satisfies both our human need for wanting what we can't have and our human need to feel significantly special. This becomes a relationship between two equals rather than just a man and his dog. And last but not least, Cesar, a dog food brand, depicted a heartwarming interaction between a man and his dog in its advertisement. Lover Magician Member Outlaw Ruler Sage Latest Article Archetype Learning Guide Break the norm and explore the Archetypes. They play the long game. Youve seen countless examples of The Lover in books and movies. They don't even try to act like the other adults. Copyright 2023 Literary Devices. Keep a firm grasp of your needs and never settle. Why not try to obtain this freedom for ourselves? . You can now pre-order my new online course about the Lover Archetype for just $29 and save 50% off (general price of $59). I loved it all. Think Drake, George Clooney, the Obamas, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jessica Alba, Amanda Seyfried, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt. If you want to learn more about the other archetypes, visit our comprehensive list here. Don't rely on childhood memories to bring joy. They're an idealist and believe in the power of love. Do not take the role of mother/father and child. Whether or not you identify as male, female or neither, you'll tend to be attracted to a Siren when you show characters on the extremes of traditionally-male behaviour. Jung did indeed define the concept of an archetype as-such. Her life force energy is magnetic (to both men and . According to Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), archetypes are patterns that repeat themselves in the collective unconscious of human beings. Published in 1973, this novel by William Goldman presents the duo of Westley and Buttercup falling in love with each other and demonstrating almost all the character traits of the lover archetype characters. Think Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe. Our adolescent days were when we forged our model for love and affection. I made it through childhood with that kind of affection. As well, the following are also descriptors for who we are as lovers ourselves. Especially in this Instagram / YouTube / Facebook / Netflix / Snapchat era of showing off. They tease us. Coquettes are like a shadow we cannot grasp but are always lingering behind us. Now that you've seen some Lover brands, let me explain how the Lover archetype can be expressed in branding. The Creator 7. They, however, live a life full of passions, self-esteem, and quality relations. Opposite the Ideal Lover, however, is that they actively try to repress any signs of sexuality or signs of overt romantic tension. use character sketches to record the traits of archetypes. It is the sizzling interaction of your dominant feminine archetype (the 'lover') with the cool energy of the 'sage'. The Sage 2. In this article, well talk about the Lover Archetype, how it serves your story, what the typical characteristics of the Lover are, and give you some examples of where they exist in popular culture. Whatever you identify as, you hold both male and female behaviours and energy. The Jester is a fun-loving character who seeks the now, inviting others to partake in creating a self-depreciating . Yet, only few of the nowadays discussed archetypes (like the Mother) actually date back to his work. Maybe it's because dystopian fiction allows us to explore worst-case scenarios, to grapple with the idea that the world we know and love could be lost forever. The Lover Archetype is often a deep feeler and has a high capacity for experiencing the full range of human emotion. We're attracted to Dandies for their ambiguous and obscure personas, and their freedom to break prejudice sexual behavioural roles. } The idea of being clever is represented here. It's gonna be really hard. How can I give myself some of the affection I desire from others. Personality attributes: Affectionate. This character seeks togetherness and security, passion and fun, sensuality and pleasure. Archetypes are ideas that are so ingrained in humanity that they can be represented simply. Their biggest fear is being alone and unloved. Do they all show patterns of the Rake? By ensuring they have good character development, of course.But what does that mean? Their quest for connection drives them. They value togetherness and collaboration. When you create a familiar archetype, the reader is able to fill in the blanks, knowing a lot about the character or situation. The Hedonist might also find themselves a little too absorbed in their pleasure and forget the needs of others. The lover brand loves to evoke emotion, and they want. Therefore, the culture within a Lover brand is to be as appealing as possible. Never forget your life plan and do not let yourself be distracted for minimal pleasure. The lover wants to be in an intimate relationship with people. Enjoy learning more about yourself? Will they fit? I'm a branding expert and graphic designer based in NY. Fun fact: During my travels, I once even got to visit the place where Aphrodite is said to have come ashore it lies on a beautiful beach in Cyprus. They want to improve their physical and emotional attractiveness in order to be more appealing to others. Since these traits are so familiar across all forms of media, you wont have to spend time trying to establish your characters baseline personality. "Wow he/she makes me feel so special, and he's a little shy too. They are a lingerie brand, so their messaging is loaded with sensuality, especially in their colors and imagery. Check Pages 1-28 of Lover Archetype in Punjabi Classical Poetry in the flip PDF version. This course will teach you how to develop your . Tropes are one of the most important ingredients in storytelling. As someone who gets immense satisfaction from connection, the Lover Archetype enjoys the feeling of being desirable. They study you and question you while giving you a sense of affectionate attention. The Innocent 3. Both men and women could be lover archetypes. Get to know the Maiden Archetype, also known as the Innocent or Child, and discover her potential pitfalls and strengths. If you haven't already, I highly recommend reading the introduction to the series first. Their brand voice is all about self-acceptance and self-love. Do not fully rely on them for your complete happiness - they can only give so much and you need to keep self-reliance, Thoughts of being "too good to be true" could lead you to suspicion, but don't let this hinder your ability to love. The Coquette is hot and cold. Charming. are examples of Sirens. The trouble with Rakes is their tendency to over-exaggerate their love and insinuate improbable fantasies of lasting partnership. It's our egos that they stroke, our vanity emotional walls that they align with, and our self-esteem that they praise. They follow their bliss and want everyone else to do the same. In Groundhog Day, television weatherman Phil Connors relives the same day over and over, and slowly realizes that he was looking for love, which he finds with his producer Rita Hanson. She is one with the life source and, as such, adores the act of creating. Dont let the name fool you. Are you willing to allow them into your plans? Think Casanova, and John F Kennedy. It could be love with the work, public, profession, or even surroundings and nature. This may seem like an obvious unattractive trait, but the reason they spark any sort of infatuation is because of their ability to plant a seed of desire in our minds that continues to grow without them needing to be there. They strive to make other people feel loved and secure and take pleasure in meeting the needs of others. They attract us with their Hollywood-esque aura, but also with their down-to-earth ability to relate to us. Most of such archetype characters hold the motto of love for life dear to them and demonstrate it when the occasions arise. They have a definite purpose in life, and seem to spread their campaign in the most eloquent, magnetic and theatrical way. The lover archetype is typically harnessed in full when it does not develop a harsh shadow (which can take the place of casual sex, drinking or substances, anger and jealousy, depression and smoking cigarettes, etc.) Lover brands are often marketed as sensual, passionate, feminine, sweet, and romantic. But there are some obstacles that should be examined. We fall for multiple, but we completely fall for one depending on our current life situation. Whatever we felt as children set the bar for how we want to be treated as adult. They are sometimes highly weak and seem fragile when their love is not fulfilled, and their emotions stay un-responded. When Buttercup starts abusing Westley after she finds him serving her, his responses of As you wish translate into love, and both fall in love with each other. 2023 Anna Heimkreiter | Privacy policy | Imprint | Affiliate Disclaimer, Beyond Right or Wrong: Non-Duality Explained, The Huntress Archetype Embrace the Wild Woman Within You, What a 52-Week Photography Challenge Can Teach You, The Maiden Archetype The Innocents Secret Powers, The Mother Archetype Understand and Embody Her Feminine Power.

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